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FSRO Celebrates Veterans with a Reception

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Poem by Steven Michael Sanders

Mr. Sanders gave us permission to share his poem with you all.  To read more of his poetry go to the website




It’s not so much the pain involved

Or the fact that it drives you insane

It’s the questions tormenting your psyche

That you are searching to explain

Some people may think you’ve lost it

As you wonder and doubt the whys

You try to see the beauty of life

While the world around you cries

It always seems to come out of the blue

Fading the brilliance to grey

You tell them all just what it is

But no one knows what to say

You appreciate those who care for you

And don’t doubt the ones who know

But it’s not exactly what you had in mind

To fade your vibrant glow

It’s a difficult road to be positive

But a must if you’re to endure

Trusting in those who have always loved you

Is the path to find the cure

You must follow the pathway before you

No matter how large the stones

And walk along the water’s edge

Knowing you’re not alone


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What can I do to lessen my chance of getting cancer?

Q: It’s almost a new year.  What can I do to lessen my chance of getting cancer?


A: This is a great question.  What a good New Year’s resolution to lessen your risks! The following four actions will markedly decrease the chances of developing a large number of cancers, as well as improve your general overall health.  First and foremost, stop smoking or chewing tobacco. Next, exercise everyday—move, do something. We were not made to sit around all day.  Lift weights and perform an exercise that will increase your heart rate, such as brisk walking.  Third, adjust your diet to keep your weight at a healthy level.  Last, decrease your stress level by stopping several times a day to take in a deep breath.  Incorporating these actions should increase the likelihood that 2014 will be a healthy year for you.

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