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Dr. Gast Interview: Grand Opening of Fort Smith Radiation Oncology’s Cancer Treatment Center

Ashley Beck: Fort Smith Radiation Oncology is celebrating a new and improved business. Dr. Kris Gast is the physician and owner. She is joining us this morning to tell us much more about this new state-of-the-art radiation treatment center.

Ashley Beck: Thank you for being here with us this morning. You are very well known throughout the community so this is a very exciting venture, tell us about the new state of the art treatment center.

Dr. Kris Gast: Well our new facility is being opened, we’re having our grand opening on Wednesday. It’s an open house for patients and the community to drop in. Our new facility has new equipment, the building is new, we have state of the art equipment. Here you’re seeing our waiting room, we have a number of different waiting rooms.

Ashley Beck: That’s beautiful.

Dr. Kris Gast: We think so. We’re very proud and excited Ashley Beckout it. Of course we brought our birds. We have a number of our patients that always ask about our birds. We’ve had birds in our department for 10 years now.

Ashley Beck: It’s a very integral part

Dr. Kris Gast: Here’s our second area for waiting, for our patients who are waiting to get their treatment, so that they’re back a little bit separate from their families. But their families get to wait in the other part of our facilities.

Ashley Beck: It’s a beautiful place, and also you’ve said you’ve got state of the art equipment so people don’t have to go far away for treatment.

Dr. Kris Gast: This is true. We have a linear accelerator which is brand new. We can do three dimensional treatment planning, intensity modulated planning, image guided therapy. We have portal imaging. Here we have Shelley at the console directing the equipment. We do a lot of the planning and directing of the equipment from outside the room and that helps keep the time down on the treatments but the patients really have enjoyed the treatment center and new building thus far. This is our main entrance and waiting room. That’s the other thing that has really made a huge difference for our patients, they can drive right up to the door and they’re right there.

Ashley Beck: Isn’t that wonderful.

Dr. Kris Gast: It really is.

Ashley Beck: The convenience is amazing. Also your staff there is very experienced which is so important when you’re going in for treatment.

Dr. Kris Gast: Yes. My staff has been with me, many of them have actually pre-dated me in the department. Some of them have been there fifteen, thirty years. The therapists have been there for at least ten to five years. We have one new therapist that has worked with us for about two years. So they’ve all been very skilled and very well trained. The thing about the therapy team is they all work so well together. I’ve worked with a lot of therapists over the last twenty some years, I won’t say how many years past that, this team is the best team I’ve every worked with.

Ashley Beck: Not only do you have a new building and this is a new business, but if people are familiar with you or if they have been one of your patients, there’s so many familiar faces there, which is so warm and comforting to have.

Dr. Kris Gast: We have all of our staff that came with us. We do have a couple of new faces but just Ashley Beckout everybody is same ole, same ole.

Ashley Beck: One of the things you’re known for is really making your patients feel comfortable. Not only is it just soothing to talk to you right now but you do a number of things there that really puts your patients at ease.

Dr. Kris Gast: We have added one extra thing that we’re hoping will really help our patients as well. We’re now offering them a massage with a licensed massage therapist during their treatments that they can go ahead and have for free as they come in for treatment. We also provide them with creams and powders and deodorants for our breast cancer patients, various creams to care for their skin during treatment. We try and make them feel as comfortable as possible. When they come the first time, I try and tell them that it’s going to be a good experience, not necessarily fun but a positive experience in their life. And I think 99% of the time when they’re finished, they agree.

Ashley Beck: Well and we know you do a lot for the community as well so if you are wondering where Dr Gast is, she’s at Fort Smith Radiation Oncology, which is located at 8500 South 36th Terrace, that’s in Fort Smith, that phone number is 479-648-1800 or you can also find them online at Don’t forget that big grand opening is happening on November 16th. Congratulations to you and thanks for making this part of the community.

Dr. Kris Gast: Thank You

Ashley Beck: You’re welcome. You’re waking up with all of us here on 5 Sunday Morning. We’ll be right back.

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Fort Smith Girl’s Shelter Annual Pasta Dinner

The third annual Pasta Dinner and Silent Auction benefit for the Girls Shelter of Fort Smith Inc. was held November 4 in the Rose Room of the community center at Creekmore Park.

FSRO enjoyed the pasta dinner and the fellowship with the all the girls.

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