Clinac Linear Accelerator

Fort Smith Radiation Oncology offers a wide range of planning, imaging, and treatment options to suit the needs of our patients. The flexible, feature-rich technologies of the Clinac® linear accelerator enable FSRO to customize treatment to suit any clinical circumstance we may encounter.

As radiation oncologists explore dynamic conformal technologies to increase cancer cure rates and reduce morbidity, these new treatment techniques require reliable, precise delivery to allow for dose modulation and possible escalation.

Clinac® Linear Accelerator by Varian Medical Systems


Clinac® Medical Linear Accelerator, rotating


Targeted treatments – making cancer a manageable disease - The right dose. The right place. The right time.

Varian® delivery systems enable clinicians to pick the best treatment option with a wide range of practical therapy choices. To enhance the effectiveness of these treatments, Varian also offers unparalleled real-time position management and exacting dose output – vital tools for achieving personalized cancer care and making cancer a manageable disease.

The Right Dose for Fewer MUs

The Varian Clinac® delivers the exact prescribed dose to the patient in the lowest number of monitor units (MUs) possible – without sacrificing efficacy – every time.

  • Reliable dose – Varian’s real-time beam steering and dual sealed ion chamber helps ensure that optimal beam symmetry, flatness, and dosimetry are delivered throughout all gantry angles.
  • Fast treatment times – a unique energy switch to deliver the highest possible dose rates for all energies.
  • Precise treatment – accurate beam control results in improved conformity to the tumor and sharp images
  • Waveguide – produces a very stable, sharp beam spot.
  • Gridded gun – fast beam-on, beam-off control.
  • Energy switch – enables delivering high doses quickly.
  • Bending magnet – maintains the small, sharp beam focal spot.

The Right Place for the Highest Conformity

Delivering the dose to the right place is a function of industry leading products working in concert. These innovations include the highest resolution multileaf collimator (MLC), the most capable dynamic control software, the best treatment plan for driving delivery, and the most precise beam control.

Varian machines enable clinicians to use all three major IMRT methods – sliding window, step and shoot, and dynamic conformal arc – either separately or in the same treatment.

  • Treatment planning software – the intuitive interactive design of Eclipse™ enables clinicians to reach plan goals quickly and minimize critical structure doses while achieving the desired conformity.
  • Multileaf collimator – treat even the smallest lesions.
  • IMRT – quickly treat IMRT fields up to 34 x 40cm, thanks to fast leaf speed, high precision, and interdigitation capabilities.

Configured for the latest treatment techniques, the Clinac 6EX has the tightest mechanical and dosimetric specification of any single-energy machine.

Features and Capabilities

Standard Features:

  • Industry leading beam output, stability, and dynamic dose delivery
  • Compact design for easy site preparation
  • Selection of 4MV or 6MV photon energy configuration
  • Dose rates up to 600MU/min
  • Tight treatment isocenter for stereotactic applications
  • Exact® couch
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