BAT Ultrasound Machine for Treating Prostate Cancer

BATCAM Multi-probe image-guided radiation therapy

At Fort Smith Radiation Oncology, we see the need for greater precision in tumor localization before the delivery of radiation therapy.

We use the new BAT® technology. BATCAM™ Multi-probe by Best nomos, with optical camera and ultrasound probe combined with ImageSync™ to provide a superior way to view and target internal structures.

New applications for the BATCAM Multi-Probe include imaging for lumpectomy cavities (APBI), as well as organs such as the prostate (for brachytherapy and volume studies), liver and pancreas. Visualization options include 3D Structure Set and integrated Color Doppler displays.

- Track an ultrasound probe location from any angle, any rotation or translation plane, and in real time.

- Scan and align in one step with the touch of a finger.

- ImageSync™ aligns the structure set with premium, real-time images in a matter of seconds.

- BATCAM is battery-enabled for cordless transport between treatment rooms.

- Greater image uniformity and tissue contrast resolution with 128-element ultrasound probe.

ImageSync makes BATCAM Multi-probe the most advanced localization system available. The technology allows the therapist to cycle through hundreds of anatomical planes from not only the axial and sagittal angles, but also all rotation and translation planes. The corresponding treatment plan renderings cycle along with these images. This real-time interactive display provides a more complete picture of the internal structures.

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