Eclipse Treatment Planning System

A head and neck cancer treatment plan generated using Eclipse(tm) treatment planning software.

Eclipse™ is a comprehensive treatment planning system that simplifies modern radiation therapy planning for all kinds of treatment, including 3D conformal, intensity-modulated radiation therapy (IMRT), electron, proton, and brachytherapy.

With the rich functionality in Eclipse, dosimetrists, physicists, and physicians can efficiently create, select, and verify the best treatment plans for their patients. In addition to ensuring high standards of care and effective protocols, Eclipse provides clinicians with the flexibility to quickly tailor plans for each patient.

Planning Technology

Treatment planning with Eclipse™ is a fast process, easily accomplished throughout the department. With Eclipse, the radiation therapy team can efficiently plan and deliver the best course of treatment for each patient.

  • Initial commissioning, a typically time-consuming task for the physics staff, is considerably faster and simpler with Eclipse.
  • Virtual simulation, an integral part of Eclipse, eliminates data transfer steps and the management of separate sets of data.
  • Emergency treatments can be planned immediately in the simulation area.
  • Powerful tools simplify contouring tasks and field set up, and a fast calculation engine reduces treatment planning time.
  • Using interactive optimization in Eclipse, a clinician can rapidly create high quality intensity-modulated radiation therapy (IMRT) plans.

Integrated plan verification and quality assurance tools speed ongoing treatment planning and beam data validation, saving time for physicists. For example, with the portal dosimetry option, the physics time required for IMRT pretreatment verification is reduced to less than 20 minutes per patient compared to hours with film. High-resolution IMRT treatments planned using Eclipse can typically be delivered in a normal 15-minute time slot on a Varian® Clinac® linear accelerator.

Virtual Simulation and Field Setup

Eclipse integrates virtual simulation and treatment planning in one comprehensive system. Virtual simulation and planning processes are accelerated through excellent segmentation software that includes:

  • Comprehensive clinical protocol templates
  • Automatic field positioning
  • Hot-keys
  • Automatic field aperture shaping with a flexible interactive user interface.

Eclipse can create 3D patient models from any DICOM 3.0-compliant image set, including CT, MR, and PET.

  • Versatile Image Management
  • Comprehensive Virtual Simulation
  • Efficient Field Set up
  • Unmatched Data and Process Integration


For RapidArc, IMRT, 3D conformal, and proton therapy planning, segmenting organs at risk and accurately delineating target volumes are critical. The powerful contouring tools in Eclipse reduce structure segmentation time from hours to minutes. Clinicians can accurately define targets and organs at risk on fused multimodality images with advanced drawing and editing capabilities. Enhanced templates and powerful post-processing of structures accelerate the contouring process.

  • Comprehensive Image Visualization
  • Smart Segmentation® Knowledge Based Contouring
  • Efficient Segmentation
  • Powerful Editing & Post-Processing

Dose Calculation

Advanced algorithms in Eclipse accurately and quickly calculate dose distributions for photons, electrons, protons, and brachytherapy. With the combination of modular algorithms and the flexible architecture of Eclipse, clinicians can select the optimum algorithm for each treatment modality. The clinician can rapidly customize IMRT plans using the interactive dose-volume optimization. A flexible calculation framework increases efficiency in the treatment planning process, particularly in a distributed planning environment. Specialized beam data analysis tools reduce the time for commissioning.

  • Photons
  • Electrons
  • Protons
  • Rapid Optimization

Plan Evaluation

An oncology team can decide on the most effective course of treatment for each patient by comparing different plan modalities. Using Eclipse, clinicians can combine, compare, and evaluate different candidate plans and even different treatment modalities on a single integrated system. When Eclipse workstations are distributed throughout a clinic, plans can be evaluated anywhere and anytime, greatly speeding the planning process.

  • Multiple Dose Displays
  • Powerful Plan Comparison
  • Flexible Plan Documentation
  • Electronic Plan Approval

Commissioning and QA

Designed to speed initial commissioning, Eclipse features treatment machine creation scripts, rapid beam data import, automated configuration, and integrated beam data analysis. System quality is easily maintained through data integrity checks and electronic beam data approval, and portal dosimetry revolutionizes pretreatment verification.

In addition, integration in the Varian environment helps simplify quality assurance for the planning process, and DICOM transfer to third-party systems.

  • Rapid Beam Data Entry and Documentation
  • Efficient Beam Model Validation
  • Integrated Plan Verification and Quality Assurance


An IMRT treatment plan for prostate cancer, generated using Eclipse(tm) treatment planning software. The area of high dose (red) corresponds precisely to the tumor area being treated.


Treatment plan for a RapidArc™ IMRT base-of-tongue cancer treatment, generated using Varian's Eclipse™ treatment planning software.


A lung cancer treatment plan generated using Eclipse(tm) treatment planning software.


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